Nannette Rodríguez

In-Language Marketing
Helping brands with purpose achieve more.
In-Language Services
Helping brands, agencies and their clients boost value through on-demand, in-language services.
Turning simple bullet points into marketable stories in English or Spanish.
Language Translation
English/Spanish language set translation and campaign adaptations for the Hispanic U.S. market. All through a single native-speaking contact.
Bilingual Voice Talent
Youthful, upbeat, real-person sound. A warm, positive tone for commercial or narrative work.
Bilingual Voice Talent
Youthful, upbeat, real-person sound.
A voiceover talent with a warm, positive tone in English and Spanish.
About Nannette

Pro-rated hourly fee or retainer agreements available.
Voice Talent

$110/hr, one hour minimum

$120/hr, one hour minimum

$100/hr, one hour minimum
Contact me:
Omaha, NE
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